Bathroom Trend: Cemcrete Cement Finishes


Bathroom construction and renovation need not be limited to generic tiles, glass and porcelain.

Cemcrete hosts a range of stunning products that are ideally suited to clean spaces such as bathroom walls, floors, bath surrounds and vanities. Being cement-based, these products are extremely durable and waterproof.

For walls, vanities and baths, Cemcrete’s SatinCrete is a beautifully smooth, suede-like wall finish. Its seamless application makes this waterproof product ideal for bathrooms and even inside showers or built-in baths. Due to its smooth nature, it can easily be wiped down. SatinCrete can also be applied on top of tiles. There are 13 colours in the range from cool grey and white to warm beige and bold green.

CreteCote, a skim-on floor finish can be used to coat floors and vanities. This durable product is applied onto cured, dry screed. This seamless floor finish is perfect for renovations, as the application and drying time will take no longer than a few days. CreteCote also comes in an extensive colour range, which can match or contrast the SatinCrete wall colour.

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