Babies get us broody

PHOTO Mariëtte Bergh WORDS Debbie Loots

Getting excited about welcoming home your newborn is a source of great inspiration for creative moms. Some knit, some decorate, while others take on grander projects: they get into business for babes. Friends Mariëtte Bergh and Lisa Vos both had babies around the same time, and together they started an exclusive furniture brand called Bunny & Clyde.

What was the motivation behind Bunny & Clyde?
Locally there was nothing new or particularly stylish for babies, so we created a range that not only fulfils our ideals but outlives the nursery to become snappy pieces in the home.

How is Bunny & Clyde different?
We think of mom first, a beautiful haven for her, with details to make it quirky and appealing for baby. The crib converts into a toddler bed, and 
then becomes a mini couch.

What is important when designing furniture for babies?
We choose solid wood not only for its beauty, but because it’s naturally non-poisonous and sealed with 100% non-toxic, water-based sealant or paint. The cribs adhere to British safety standards (South Africa doesn’t have crib safety standards).

What should parents look for when buying baby furniture? 
Think practical – choose a crib that fits a standard-sized mattress. Buy safe and sturdy.



This enchanting fabric and wallpaper collection by Patrick Frey, president and creative director of Pierre Frey, was inspired by his sons growing up in the 1980s and motivated by his brood of grandchildren 30 years later. The themes vary from cars and stars for boisterous boys to embroideries and pretty prints for girls. /

In our hunt for all things best and beautiful for baby, we happened on this outrageously stylish French magazine, Milk. Smitten, we flipped through the pages full of über-cool kids fashion, moms and dads to die for, and all things hip and covetable for little ones. And if that’s not enough to set our hearts on fire, they publish a decor edition too.