Artists We Love: Namrata Vansadia

INTERVIEWED BY Cheri Morris IMAGES courtesy of Namrata Vansadia

Namrata Vansadia is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, digital product designer, and co-founder of The Brooklyn Block, an accessories/apparel company in the fashion and technology space.

We caught up with her to chat about her aesthetically-soothing illustrations, who and what inspires her, and what her artistic process looks like.

What drives you? 

The quest to find an interesting way to communicate an idea, subject or thought. Also, the privilege of waking up every morning and getting to do what I love.

Your scope of work is so varied and intriguing. Tell us a bit about your favourite mediums and how you use them.

Thank you! Most of my digital work is mixed-media. I create textures by hand and then use them in digital artworks. I also work with gouache because I like its consistency and opaqueness.

The colour schemes in your works are so soothing and we love the travel-related references. What inspires your style and subject matter?

My style is ever-evolving, and I am just enjoying the journey. Currently, I am inspired by the architecture and events of the cities I call home: Brooklyn and New York (where I live now) and Ahmedabad, India (where I grew up).

Take us through your artistic process. Do you begin with an idea or do you just begin?

I always start with an idea or a thought. Usually it floats in my head for a while. The process, for now, is to collect information around the subject and try to comprehend it, then step away from it. This helps reduce some noise and gain clarity. For personal projects, I am consciously trying to dig deeper within myself and make a note of things and events that make an impression on me, and have made an impression on me growing up.

Who, or what, inspires you?

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere: people, places, architecture, photography, textiles, art. Sometimes it can be specific, like Viviane Sassen’s use of shadow in her photography. Other times it’s an obsession with the entire body of work of an artist or designer, like Manjit Bawa’s colourful allegorical paintings, Nasreen Mohamedi’s line drawings and Ettore Sottsass’s shapes and colours.

Describe the space in which you are most creative.

I am most creative during long evening walks when I am away from paper, paints and my computer. 

What is your proudest moment thus far, not just as an artist but as a person? What do you hope to achieve in the future?

As a person, my proudest moment is to be able to contribute towards the girls’ archery sports team at my Grandpa’s school. Professionally, it’s when my products were a part of the curated collection at MoMA’s (Museum of Modern Art) design store in New York and Tokyo. In the future, I hope to work/collaborate with brands and people I admire.

What’s next for Namrata Vansadia?

I am working on a series of gouache paintings for an exhibition, and I have a few commercial projects in the pipeline.

To see more of Namrata’s work, follow @rutambara on Instagram and visit