Artists We Love: Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie, a 25-year-old engineering student from Norway, has garnered an international audience with his use of digital double-exposure photography.

Lie explores his deep appreciation for the natural world and the creatures that reside in his home country by merging two unique photographs to create an expressive piece of art.

Lie’s pictures typically combine a single animal and its home, surrounded by negative space. The semi-silhouette of the animal is filled with images of tree-filled landscapes, majestic mountains, rivers and ethereal skylines depicting the strong relationship between animal and habitat.

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Lie’s most popular series of work is called Norwegian Woods and features animals indigenous to the vast Norwegian woodlands in his area of residence, as well as the most picturesque parts of the deep forest. Lie also explores other parts of the planet and has a series of work a little closer to (our) home that depicts African animals and stunning sunsets.

You can purchase a selection of Lie’s work in the form of art prints (framed or unframed), wall tapestries, T-shirts, blanket throws, canvas prints, tote bags, wall clocks and throw pillows via – they ship to South Africa.

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Browse the gallery above to see more of Lie’s work. Follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest creations.