Ardmore X Melvill & Moon Collection

WORDS Michaela Stehr

South African ceramic and textile brand Ardmore has joined forces with safari chic atelier Melvill & Moon in a brand new collaboration.

The new range consists of picnic blankets, safari bars and Roorkhee and field chairs, given a creative new look with Ardmore’s signature fabrics for outdoor glamping and one-of-a-kind picnic experiences. 

Kalahari cooler bags feature an external shell of the brand’s fabrics with a robust canvas cooler lining to ensure your snacks and drinks and at the perfect temperature.

Ardmore X Melvill & Moon Collection

The new UV and water-resistant picnic mats are durable, stylish and fit for all-weather and settings.

The portable Field Bar is a go-to piece for whipping up cocktails on the go, with removable partitions and lined in the brand’s beautiful fabrics.

“From desert to forest and from coastline to mountaintop, the Ardmore and Melvill & Moon Out of Africa collection is set to break new ground in both function and fashion in the outdoor living space,” the brands explain.

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