Annemarie Meintjes’ Top Picks From 100% Design South Africa

COMPILED BY Annemarie Meintjes

VISI’s deputy editor Annemarie Meintjes shares her favourites from the best in both local and international design and stands from 100% Design South Africa. “It was extremely well planned, advertised and curated,” she says. “Laurence Brick and Cathy O’Clery roped in the top talent in the country with a collection of brilliant designers and manufacturers exhibiting.”

Browse the gallery above (and read below) for Annemarie’s favourites:

  • Of course I loved the 100 Beautiful Things stand, packed with locally designed items (10 of which were selected by VISI) curated by the talented Cathy O’Clery.
  • The Plascon 100% Colour stands were a must-see with bright, colourful boxes standing on stilts, filled with interesting items.
  • Meyer Von Wielligh had a simple, well-designed corner sofa unit.
  • I loved this year’s feature designer Renée Rossouw’s Liquorice collection, a fun addition to the exhibition.
  • The Design Team and Mungo collaboration was also great. Design Team printed the fabric and Mungo weaved throughout the show. It was a good way for visitors to understand the process and treasure their investments.
  • Julia Day made us proud at 100% Hotel by showing how simple, elegant and uncluttered a scatter cushion-free hotel lobby can be.