Amy Ayanda’s Eden Collection

WORDS Mary Garner IMAGES Jono Fereira

Cape Town-based artist Amy Ayanda has launched a new collection of work, entitled Eden, which is now on display at Molten Toffee in Longmarket Street, Cape Town.

Amy has become known for working in bright and spontaneous hues and for quick mark making. This collection, however, showcases bold marks and wide-toned hues in combination with everyday symbolism. While putting together this body of work, Amy was inspired by artists Bobby Clarke, Sarah Kelk and Samantha Totty, as well her daily surroundings.

Amy, who enjoys focusing on simplifying her environment with her work, says, “Straight after I gave birth my work became very vibrant and a little chaotic to say the least. This year I worked on minimalising that and letting go of certain things. The work is a pushback to my last work. Using plant motifs, fine lines and shapes, I want the work to add a sense of calm to a space, not stand out against it.”

To view more of Amy’s work, visit her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram.