A fresh approach

Modern living isn’t about overpriced flamboyance, kitsch decadence or pretentiousness; instead a much simpler and cleaner mode has taken precedence. The home and office collections at Furnish embody this philosophy of living, with the focus on affordable, stylish and unique pieces.

Founded in 2006, the interior products at Furnish are the end result of a desire to bring consumers great design within means. The blueprints are laid down at their workshop in Cape Town, where a variety of styles are developed. From materials sourced locally, the items are then manufactured to the most ardent standards and quality control.

Furnish takes special care to ensure that their products are affordable enough to be enjoyed by everyone – from the new family to the expanding one, and from the student apartment to the office. Each store offers a showroom of looks that can be achieved, illustrating that clients can personalise their living spaces through customisation of colour and finishes.

Furnish: www.furnish.co.za, 0861 700 106