5 Key Things to Consider when Repainting a Room

5 Key Things to Consider when Repainting a Room

PHOTO Paris Brummer (Fish Hoek House); Pexels

Welcome to paint prep 101!

Let’s face it, painting can be a tough job… especially if you’re not 100% sure on where to start. But with the right techniques and some careful planning, you can transform your space. If you’re thinking about repainting a room (or your whole house for that matter), then these are five essential painting tips you should keep in mind.


Preparation is key

Before you start, check the condition of the surface you plan to paint. There may be various issues, such as cracks, that need to be dealt with first. Don’t paint over problems.

Determine the previous paint type

To determine what kind of paint (water-based or solvent-based) was previously used on a surface, conduct a test patch on a small area using a cloth and methylated spirits. If the coating is removed, then it is water-based; if no paint is removed then it is solvent-based.

Three things to consider when choosing your paint

Choose your product based on quality, the benefits you require, and how well it matches the task at hand.

Tiling or painting first?

When deciding whether to tile or paint first, it ultimately depends on your personal preference. Our advice? We recommend tiling first and allowing the tile cement and grout to completely cure. Then, cover the tiles with drop-sheets and masking tape before painting. It’s much easier to cover a floor while painting than to cover walls while doing tile work.

Consider the sheen level

The sheen level of an existing paint coating, whether water-based or oil-based, affects the preparation and paint system. New paint coatings won’t adhere to any existing coating with a sheen. For instance, if you have an existing coating of water-based paint (like Plascon Double Velvet) and want to apply a new coating of the same, you’ll need to sand the sheen to a flat/matte finish first.

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