5 Winter Decor Tips From Donald Nxumalo

donald nxumalo

IMAGES courtesy of Donald Nxumalo

Celebrated local interior designer Donald Nxumalo shared five of his top winter decor tips with VISI, from using prints to making use of colour.

1. Use Moody Colours

Yellows, purples, rich burgundies and emeralds will help add warmth to a space. Along with these colours, you can incorporate artwork or plants. I usually use Delicious Monsters. As seen in one of our more recent projects, we incorporated both artworks and yellow in a selection of bold statement pieces, which created a warm, harmonious space.

2. Use Your Own Snaps

Making use of photography is a great decor option to consider for the new season. We are living in an era where social media and selfies have taken over the world of photography, so why not enlarge and frame these images? The less professional images create a sense of warmth, as they are more fun and less staged.

3. Create a Feature Wall

Using paint in a rich, bold hue or a striking wallpaper to create a feature wall is another good option to consider. Textured wallpaper creates the illusion of cosiness and prints bring spaces to life. When it comes to prints, try and look at those that have a warm undertone. For example, use different shades of green, as we have done in our winter collection that’s on display at our Kramerville showroom.

4. Don’t Forget The Curtains

Another thing to remember when getting your place winter-ready is curtaining. Colour also plays an important role when selecting the right curtains. Always try and offset different colours.

5. Prints Are Here To Stay

Florals and prints are always on trend. Don’t shy away from adding some bold prints, including botanicals and florals, to your space. These could be in the form of wall art, a scatter cushion, or even a throw.

Keep up to date with Donald’s work on Instagram or visit donaldnxumalo.com for more information.