4 Handy Home Office Tips

home office

WORDS Robyn Alexander

With some of us still trying to set up a suitable home office for work, it’s essential we get it right, and keep our at-home productivity high. These tips from leading office furniture supplier Cecil Nurse will help.

1. Location, Location

Consider your working style, and the needs of the people you live with. How much storage do you require? How much time do you spend in Zoom meetings? If you can’t dedicate an entire room to your office, answering these questions will tell you whether you could set up in the living room or repurpose a corner of the bedroom.

2. Furniture Fix

If you need storage, mount shelves or document holders above the desk. And having an ergonomic office chair or a wobble stool is very important – it really is best not to use a dining chair. Cecil Nurse has sitting and standing desks to suit a variety of styles and budgets.

3. Light Fantastic

Position your desk so you benefit from as much daylight as possible, and choose window treatments that control the amount of light coming in. If natural light is not an option, side lamps will work better than harsh, direct overhead lighting (which can cause headaches).

4. Minimal wins

Keep your workspace clear of any clutter that could distract you and reduce your productivity. Some decoration (such as a stationery tray or a small plant) can help organise and inspire – but keep it simple.

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