5 Tips To Create a Stylish Home Office

home office tips
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Looking to create a calming space at home where you can be your most productive? Interior designer Deirdre Renniers, of Deirdre Renniers Interior Design, shares her five top tips on how to make the most out of a home office.

Think Natural Light

Getting as much natural light as you can is crucial to productivity. Always make sure you choose a space in the house that has good natural light, and if possible, a nice view. This will ensure that you look forward to spending time at your workstation. If no daylight is available, a combination of general and task lighting is very important. Always choose white or light colours for walls to create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

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Combine Function With Style

The space is part of your home, and in most cases, also doubles up as a guest bedroom. Choose stylish furniture that looks great when not being used as a workspace. A custom table looks much better than a standard office desk. Choose good quality furniture and don’t be afraid to include classic designer pieces, such as a chair or desk lamp.

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Make The Space Personal

Incorporate your own personality into your home office. Choose artwork that resonates with you. Add plants, or a vase of flowers. Include family pictures, books that you love, and anything that brings a personal touch.

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Keep It Tidy and Clutter-free

A daily routine of clearing the clutter and storing files and other items in an enclosed cabinet at the end of each day is really important. It frees the space up and allows it to be part of your home. It also helps keep the space stylish. A beautiful cabinet where files can be stored behind closed doors is a must. I suggest having a basket as an in-tray that can be taken out, placed on the desk and stored as needed. This will leave your desk uncluttered when not in use.

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Stick To White Or Neutral Tones

Opt for white walls and neutral colour accents to create a tranquil and calm workspace. My favourite colour palette for a workspace is white walls with soft neutral furniture and fabric accents (taupes and soft, warm greys).

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