3 Surfer-Style Homes You’ll Want To Escape To

surf shacks

Surf Shacks EXTRACT published with permission, courtesy of Gestalten, 2017 PHOTOS Matt Titone & Ron Thompson

A collection of photos of surfers’ dwellings originally published on the surfing blog Indoek, Surf Shacks (Gestalten, approximately R850) is one of the coolest tomes we’ve come across for some time.

Surfers are not defined by their homes, but rather by the experiences they gather in the water and around the world. Those experiences are captured through art and photographs, mementos and artefacts – and homes that reflect both the places they’ve been and the lifestyle they choose to lead. The term “surf shack”, therefore, is not defined by a specific type of architecture or interior design style; it is each surfer’s unique definition of “home.”

1. Jess Bianchi and Malia Grace Mau, Hawaii

Located in a remote nook of the Hawaiian island chain is the dream home of filmmaker Jess and jewellery designer Malia Grace, built by San Francisco-based artist Jay Nelson. You can’t help but be in total awe of the artful craftsmanship, attention to detail and great taste in materials and decor. It’s like being in an adult fort – a modern Swiss Family Robinson compound that reflects the sophisticated taste of its free-spirited, creative owners.

2. Hiromi Matsubara, Japan

Hiromi, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, is a free-spirited yoga instructor, macrobiotic vegan chef, environmentalist and all-round amazing human being who embodies the generosity and hospitality of the Japanese people. She lives in the woods in Chiba close to the beach, in an artist community, where she hosts many a wandering traveller, showing them the best that Japan has to offer.

3. Raimana Van Bastolaer, Tahiti

Known as the unofficial ambassador of Tahiti, Raimana lives in a beach house on the water in Papara on the south side of Tahiti. Every year, when that south swell starts to ramp up, this slice of paradise teems with pro surfers, photographers, industry folks and celebrities. And the one person whom everyone calls upon to show them a good time and tow them into monster slabs is Raimana.