15 Shower Curtains To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

COMPILED BY Lindi Brownell Meiring

Last week, we compiled a list of 15 stylish floor pillows on Society6, created by designers from across the globe.

This week, we turn to shower curtains. Finding one that isn’t hideous can be quite a task, but the 15 we’ve found here are bound to add a stylish touch to your bathroom.

1. Palm Leaf II, designed by Orara Studio

2. Black Wildflowers, designed by Anis Illustration

3. Stripe Black & White Horizontal, designed by Beautiful Home

4. Back to Sail 1, designed by Fernando Vieira

5. Cat with Ball, designed by Picomodi

6. Soft Black Marble, designed by Mancha

7. Graphic 150 A, designed by Mareike Böhmer

8. Sea, designed by Vickn

9. Mountains Original, designed by Margo Ku

10. Flowers, designed by Mouni Feddag

11. Sweater Struggles, designed by Rebecca Flattley

12. Shape Study #1, designed by mpgmb

13. Corgi, designed by Laura Graves

14. Within The Tides – Crashing Waves Teal, designed by Monika Strigel

15. A Row of Trees, designed by Nadja

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