100% Capri at Delaire Graff Estate


Renowned purveyors of fine linen, 100% Capri’s breezy fashions define the simplicity of the chic Italian island lifestyle.


One of the world’s most exclusive boutiques, 100% Capri offers an opulent clothing and homeware range that evokes the essence of la dolce vita. A true visionary, young entrepreneur Antonino Aiello has exported this dreamy island’s lifestyle to the world. In Africa, the brand is available exclusively at Delaire Graff Estate.

Born in Sorrento, Italy, Aiello encountered textiles and tailoring for the first time through the Neapolitan style embraced by his family’s business. At the age of 23, he moved to the alluring Italian island and founded his own highly successful fashion and household linen brand.

Inspired by the fabric’s versatility, Aiello creates fashion designs that are able to transform from stylishly relaxed for day, to casually elegant for evening. The captivating fashion range features the brand’s signature colours of deep navy, white and taupe that are inspired by the mysterious grottos, sandy beaches and dramatic stone cliffs of Capri.

We caught up with Antonino to find out what inspires his designs and why he chose to open a boutique in South Africa.


What does fashion mean to you?

It is my hobby, my work, my passion. It’s my life.

How do you define elegance?

Sophisticated simplicity, being able to carry yourself with grace and exuding serene confidence.

Which fashion designers do you most admire?

Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld have both interpreted fashion with an edge beyond everyone else. Their avant-garde and research-led approach to fashion is what I admire most.

What do you love most about your island home?

I have a strong fondness for the architecture. There is so much history behind the walls, the pathways, courtyards and homes of Capri. Each one tells you something about the island. Equal to this is the memory of the island, of the many people who have walked the shores over the centuries and enjoyed its beauty. This connection to the island, feeling part of both its history and future, is what I love most.

What drew you to opening a boutique at Delaire Graff Estate?

Graff Diamonds was always an inspiration. Being a part of the team here in South Africa, on this gorgeous estate in a beautiful country, makes me very proud. Graff is tantamount to the highest level of quality, purity and beauty. Beauty and quality are my credo and the basic concept of the 100% Capri project since the beginning.

The 100% Capri boutique at Delaire Graff is open daily. Visit delaire.co.za for more information.