Uncovering The Most Distinct Mattress Of The Moment


Sloom is South Africa’s first and only comfort adjustable mattress, founded by Rudo Kemp in 2016. The Sloom mattress changes everything you know about buying a bed on its head. Manufactured in South Africa and available to purchase exclusively online.

“A few years ago, while selling beds in the retail industry, one of my biggest frustrations was the number of different beds. All with different, but technically the same features,” says Kemp. It became his mission to engineer one mattress that would eliminate all the stress and time involved in finding the perfect mattress.

Unconventionally the Sloom Mattress is delivered in an easy-to-handle sized box, a testament to the quality foam. You unroll the mattress, much like a fruit roll, and it slickly expands back to its original size.

The Sloom mattress comprises four distinct comfort layers, soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Changing the comfort level to your preference is effortless and can be done by yourself in the comfort of your own home. The King & Queen size Sloom mattress provides a split-comfort option. “This means you and your partner can each elect a different comfort level. Your wife might prefer the extra firm setting and you the medium. Making choosing a mattress an inclusive process that satisfies both partners’ comfort needs.” Rudo adds.

Unlike traditional bed shops where you have a limited amount of time to decide which mattress is the best for you, Sloom offers a 100-night trial. (Sans awkward salesperson hovering over you.) If you are not completely satisfied with your Sloom mattress between sixty and one hundred nights, we’ll refund you in full.

Sloom struts a zero-motion transfer. The mattress is ideal for motion isolation due to its split design and foam absorption.

Finally, the Sloom mattress offers unmatched transparency. Most people have never seen the inside of their mattresses. Sloom stars a fully removable and machine washable zip-cover, allowing a full view of the interior. The mattress can hold up to 150 kg per person and comes with a 25-year service warranty.