Top Tips #1: Give Your Home a New Look

TEXT Vanessa McCulloch

Three design fundis share their tips for breathing new life into your interiors, with minimum effort. Sumari Krige, owner of La Grange Interiors, is first up.

How would you describe your design style?

It straddles classic and contemporary, and promotes easy, elegant living.

Your tips on refreshing a room for maximum impact with minimal effort?

Before you do anything, declutter. This is very important – it must be the starting place. A fresh, new colour scheme and the layering of hard and soft materials can speak volumes when it comes to revitalising a space. Incorporate some new textiles in bold patterns, layered with heavy, woven textures in the form of rugs, throws and scatter cushions. Then restyle and accessorise using books and objets, art or plants. If you don’t have the budget to buy new decor pieces, I suggest swapping things around from other rooms in your house.

Tell us about this space.

In November 2012, a fire destroyed 76 homes in St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape. Our clients, the owners of one of these beautiful thatched homes, wasted no time in rebuilding. The brief called for crisp, fresh and contemporary interiors, with a ‘barefoot luxury’ feel, yet staying true to the traditional style of architecture and design that St Francis Bay is renowned for. In the living area, you can see the striking result of layering textiles and accessories of contrasting materials. It is now a home where three generations of family come together to create new memories.

Your advice on choosing new colour palettes?

Colour invokes different feelings and a harmonious colour palette is crucial. When a palette lacks harmony, it’s either really boring or hectically chaotic. Here, I used cool hues of grey, petrol bues and hints of warm wheat tones – the combination is uplifting, comforting and inviting all at the same time.

This article was originally featured in Pam Golding’s IMAGINE.

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