Tom Dixon’s new Cloud collection

WORDS Celeste Jacobs IMAGES courtesy of Tom Dixon

British design company Tom Dixon takes a fresh and futuristic approach to creating pieces for both interiors and exteriors. Their latest range – the evocatively named Cloud collection – is now available.

The highly reflective, bulbous and sculptural Cloud collection makes use of delightfully organic shapes. Says Tom Dixon, “The inspiration came partly from the natural world, such as cloud formations, and partly from my fascination with engineering techniques.”

And why aluminium? “We chose [it] as it’s the metal that’s powering the modern world and can be used to create big objects that are very light,” he says. “The natural grey metallic finish [that is a feature] of the raw aluminium also creates soft reflections.”

These expressive artefacts are handmade, hammered and braised in India by skilled artisans. Unique indentations are preserved, making each final product a showcase of the physical work – and skilled craftsmanship – that went into creating it.

The Tom Dixon range is available in South Africa at Créma Design.