Thor Collective Launches a Swoon-worthy Collab with Alexia Vogel


We chat with Kate Bohm, owner of the Cape Town-based jewellery brand Thor Collective (also featured in our round-up of 31 local jewellery design brands) about her new swoon-worthy collab with South African artist Alexia Vogel.

How did the Thor Collective jewellery brand come about?

Thor Collective was founded on a strong mother and daughter bond where jewellery design became something of a love language.

How would you describe your jewellery design aesthetic?

We’re all about creating jewellery that is made to be worn by you – a Thor women is graceful, strong, who moves elegantly and effortlessly. Our jewellery is specifically designed with this in mind. We create pieces that are classic, delicate and minimalist – characterised by simplicity and clean lines featuring delicate and understated pieces.

Thor jewellery is an extension of your style and memories. Pieces to celebrate the big and small things, telling a story of the people and occasions you hold dear and the tiny moments we find in the everyday. These are pieces that create the foundation of your jewellery layering.

Tell us more about ’Swoon’, your new collaboration with South African artist Alexia Vogel?

We always wanted to create an everyday stacking bangle that caught your eye. It was very important to Thor that it was a local South African artist as we love local and wanted to showcase local talent. We have always loved Alexia’s watercolours, especially her jungle and palm trees and feel so lucky we got the opportunity to collaborate with another female entrepreneur.

Thor Collective

Describe the inspiration for ‘Swoon’ from the artist Alexia Vogel?

The inspiration for Swoon came from one of Alexia’s favourite paintings from 2019 titled, Sticky Fever II. It’s a large oil painting that evokes an abstract, luscious jungle landscape, a sticky sweltry place. She honed in on the colours and shapes to create the tiniest design, which was a really fun challenge. The painting itself is a work that to Alexia is quite immersive and lush and she hoped to create a small glimpse of that warm, sweaty sensation that the artwork evokes in her into a piece of wearable art.

Describe your brand in three words.

Graceful, timeless, sophisticated.

Where do you look to get inspired?

At the women I surround myself with, the everyday women I see… and of course Pinterest.

Any local up-and-coming jewellery designers on your radar right now?

Certainly not up-and-coming but I admire the PICHULIK brand and woman behind it.

What are your jewellery trend predictions for 2024?

Bold bangles! We think the bold gold jewellery and colour trends will continue into next year and gold hoops are here to stay, too.

We know you’ve just launched ‘Swoon’, but are there any other exciting launches or collabs in the pipeline for next year?

We have two new special gold necklaces still launching this year and are hoping to do some more collabs with artists next year.

Where can our audience find you?

Our full collection can be shopped online at

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