Superbalist x Lulama Wolf EDEN Collection

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Online retailer Superbalist has joined forces with Joburg-based visual artist Lulama Wolf for a fashion and homeware range called EDEN, celebrating land, love and life.

The first-ever collab with a globally renowned artist, the concept was to marry art and design with pieces that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. Bringing South Africa’s beauty under the spotlight, the themes revolve around bold, abstract prints, statement shades, and neutral, earthy tones with a contemporary edge. 

Lulama Wolf’s organic designs not only reflect the African landscape but also tell a story of being a woman of colour and the purpose of identity, perspective and creative expression. 

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The EDEN Collection, available exclusively on Superbalist, transports us back reminding us of the beginning. “EDEN encompasses the idea of the joy of life and the gift of the earth and land – being a verbal, sonic and visual idea of all that is important to me. Feelings of joy, nostalgia, ease and softness come through in the collection,” explains Lulama.

Lulama Wolf EDEN Collection

“I love every silhouette in this line of clothing and homeware, and that the pieces can stand individually and be uniquely styled for every wardrobe,” says Wolf.

Superbalist intentionally asked Lamuma to be the first collaborator as they felt her values, ethics, story and morals aligned with the brands.

“Superbalist is a proudly South African brand and believes in supporting and collaborating with local creatives and entrepreneurs, which is why this collaboration is so special,” says Zubair Noor, Superbalist’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Lulama is one of South Africa’s most authentic, inspirational creatives, with a great sense of style and aesthetic that is visible in all of her work. These characteristics make her the perfect fit for Superbalist’s first major collaboration with an artist,” adds Noor.

The fashion collection comprises dresses, skirts and blouses with something for everyone including bold prints and minimal earthy tones. The homeware range boasts home décor pieces that stand out boldly, including rugs and cushions.

Shop the collection, here.

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