Soundprism’s Unique Sound Systems Hit All The Right Notes

Soundprism's Unique Sound Systems Hit All The Right Notes

Soundprism – engineered for superior sound and designed for stylish, modern interiors – is a cut above your average audio system.

Soundprism specialises in crafting traditional customisable speakers that embody the principles of craftsmanship, unwavering passion and precision. And we’ve got good news for serious audiophiles… the high-end Dutch brand has just landed in South Africa.

Soundprism offers an extensive array of materials for design making every model, in essence, a unique limited edition. Through a collaborative design process between the brand and the client, each speaker system transforms into an exclusive masterpiece that seamlessly complements any living space.

Thanks to the unique suspension system, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound reproduction. The floating baffles effectively eliminate any interference from external vibrations. Additionally, these speakers can be actively controlled, allowing you to customise playback to your personal preference and adapt it to the acoustics of any room. Whether you’re using them in a home cinema surround system or as the foundation for a unique modular setup, the possibilities they offer are limitless.


Would you like to know more?

The South African launch of Soundprism is taking place on Friday 10 November 2023 at an invite-only event in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Guests can expect an evening of light and sound and will have the opportunity to meet the Soundprism creator Etienne Heemskerk, who will be present to showcase a selection of the Soundprism models. One-on-one private demos are scheduled for after the launch event and can be arranged.

If you are seriously interested in Soundprism and wish to attend the launch event, you can email