Smart Idea: Torch Light

PHOTOS David Ross PRODUCTION & WORDS Annemarie Meintjes

At international lighting exhibition Euroluce 2017 in Milan, the standard bedside lamp made space for torch-inspired task-lighting designs that shine a light directly where it is needed.

When we saw the Magneto series of torches at Builders Warehouse, we were inspired to turn one into a bedside lamp.

The torch has a strong magnet in the tail end and a telescopic neck that allows you to direct the head to where the light is needed. We screwed a small L-shaped bracket to the wall: The torch rests on the horizontal leg of the bracket when not in use, and the magnetic end attaches securely to the vertical leg when you want to read in bed.

We bought the L-shaped bracket (R8) and Magneto Original torch (R99,95) at Builders Warehouse.