Smart Idea: Homemade Candles

smart idea

PHOTO Marijke Willems PRODUCTION AND WORDS Annemarie Meintjes

Find a purpose for your empty glass cosmetic jars. Transformed into homemade candles, these tubs are sleek and stylish, nifty to stow away and contain the melted wax.

Taking a bedtime bath by candlelight is a relaxing, romantic treat, but scrubbing melted wax off surfaces the next morning is no fun. A candle in a screw-top glass jar offers light on demand and the benefit of a lid to store it when the water’s cold.

  • Buy a packet of candlewicks that have flat, round metal discs on one end from your local hardware store. Secure the disc to the middle of the base of a clean, dry cosmetic or small glass jar with a drop of superglue. Tie the other end of the wick to a bamboo sosatie stick that can rest flush on top of the jar to keep the wick straight and centred.
  • Melt the remains of burnt-down candles – including the last of those half-filled tealights – in an old glass jar in the microwave oven, checking and stirring with a takeaway chopstick regularly.
  • Remove any old wicks, dirt and debris from the melted wax and pour slowly into the jar or tub without disturbing the new wick. Give the wax time to settle, cool and become solid again before cutting the wick down to the top of the jar.
  • Screw on the top or use immediately to set the mood.

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