Smart Idea: Butterfly String Lights

string lights

PHOTOS Dook CONCEPT Annemarie Meintjes

String lights make for a festive atmosphere, even more so when they’re adorned with butterflies.

Butterflies are everywhere this season: colourful collections in different sizes, flat or three-dimensional, with or without magnets. To embellish your string lights, you’ll find butterflies at gift and stationery shops that cater for scrapbooking – or make your own! The more translucent the wings are the more beautiful the effect.

Butterflies with magnets will adhere to a metal string, or you can attach them to a plastic string with clear glue. Use LED string lights – the LEDs don’t get hot and they’re more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

We bought our butterfly magnets for R25 per packet at Home Stuff in Randburg.

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