Skinny Pipes by Neil Grantham Studio

WORDS Cheri Morris

Benoni-based furniture design and manufacturing company Neil Grantham Studio (NGS) presents Skinny Pipes, an intriguing bench featured in Southern GuildA New Wave exhibition.

Skinny Pipes forms part of the latest range from NGS and its form has an almost irregular presence that is made up of a seemingly random arrangement of steel pipes. The appealingly unsystematic approach to the visual aesthetic of the bench aims to intrigue people and challenge them to question the learned and structured perception of how things should be versus how they can be – not only with benches, but with everything else in life, too.

“Ultimately my aim is to begin the process of this interaction long before you physically feel the product,” says Neil. “I want you to notice it from across the room and be moved immediately. I want the product to pull you towards it and engage with you on a sincerely connected level.”

Skinny Pipes‘ bespoke mild steel composition with an oxidised patina finish makes for a distinct aesthetic and lures engagement with its reddish hues of brown and subtle greens. The roundest part of the pipes merge elegantly with the Rhodesian Teak plugs & mono-coat seal. Although it is intended for indoor use only it can be customised for outdoor use too.

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