Skinny laMinx X Pichulik Collaboration

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Alix-Rose Cowie

Local textile and homeware brand Skinny laMinx and jewellery design studio Pichulik have joined forces on a new textile collaboration.

The collaboration forms part of Pichulik’s new Spring/Summer 2020 PLENTY collection, which includes a range of new designs from the jewellery brand.

Katherine-Mary Pichulik and Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx researched the Tropicalia movement of Brazil, from art and sculpture to colour and design. The team used these inspirational elements to reimagine Skinny laMinx’s Roof Garden print, making it adaptable to garments designed by Nadya von Stein.

“In its original form as a furnishing fabric, Roof Garden is a three-colour screenprint, inspired by the shapes and shadows of plants on the Skinny laMinx rooftop garden,” explains Heather. “Removing one of the screens emphasises the abstract qualities of the shadows and shapes, and adds more space to the print, giving a fresh twist to an existing design.”

Bossa Nova Earrings and Araci Necklace

Guava and Tangerine frill wrap skirt and frill crop and Plenty bracelets

The textile collaboration is currently available exclusively at the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town and will be available on Pichulik’s website towards the end of November. For more information and to shop online, visit and