Skinny laMinx Diggi Dot Collection

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Heather Moore’s trip to Jaipur, India (as featured in VISI 76) has inspired her brand new Diggi Dot fabric collection.

Having anticipated creating a collection filled with the vibrant colours normally associated with India, Heather instead decided to focus her designs on the fresh, calming colours she found inspiring during her stay.

Diggi Dot (the name is taken from the Diggi Palace hotel that Heather stayed in) is also inspired by the art of block printing, the predominant reason for the trip.

A range of colour palettes (some subtle, some more lively) make up the new collection, as seen below.

DIGGI DOT colourboard_Mimosa Sunrise

DIGGI DOT colourboard_Fruit Salad

DIGGI DOT colourboard_Lemon-Green

DIGGI DOT colourboard_Liquorice & Mint

DIGGI DOT colourboard_Signal & Steel

The fabric is priced at R545p/m and is available via Alternatively, you can visit the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town.