SILENCE at Maison&Objet


WORDS Cheri Morris SCENOGRAPHY Elizabeth Leriche

Maison&Objet present the theme for the 2017/2018 installation of their 30th Inspirations book: SILENCE – an indispensable tool for all professionals in the decoration, fashion and home industry.

In 2002, Maison&Objet started the Observatoire de la Maison; the process where a panel of Maison&Objet experts and influentials gather to discuss and catalogue new trends in consumption and emerging lifestyles and compile all major trends in decor, design and fashion conveniently into one place. The comprehensive guide and solution for interior design entitled Inspirations: SILENCE  is a focus on the calming effect that silence has on the loud lives we live today and how minimalist, essential decor can offer the ‘silent treatment’ that we so desire in the serenity of our homes.

The book has a focus on interior and design principles that feature geometric abstraction, a reduction of materials, transparency, wireframe structures, ethereal hues and the calming contrast of black and white. The compact guide beautifully boasts curated interiors expressed in a sensual and poetic harmony of spaces.

The book is accompanied by relevant installations such as the scenography seen belowa SILENCE Café-Bookstore in partnership with 107 Rivoli Bookstore in Paris where you can browse through or purchase the book in a café space that fits the theme and lastly, a conference space entitled L’ESPACE CONFERENCES will be hosting five lectures a day on hospitality, exceptional designers, retail and advanced solutions for interior design.

There are only 1000 copies of Inspirations: SILENCE available: get yours online.