Sealand Gear’s New Sandton Store

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Supplied

Local and sustainable brand Sealand Gear has opened a brand new Sandton store that puts an emphasis on its mission to create spaces and products that highlight the importance of being eco-conscious.

Beginning in 2015, the Sealand journey is thriving. Becoming environmentally conscious has become of the utmost importance as we are more aware of the effects of waste. Founded by two surfers, a dog and a Cruiser, the group trekked around the country of South Africa together in search of the best waves, where the Sealand concept came to fruition. Fast forward to 2023 and the dream has evolved into a vibrant group of professionals building global brand recognition for their sustainably – created products. 

All Sealand bags and apparel are handmade by valued craftspeople from waste or responsibly and ethically sourced materials. These materials are then combined with high-quality hardware, conscious design, and expert craftsmanship to create gear intended to last a lifetime. The upcycled and responsibly sourced materials used are sturdy and weather resistant, speaking to those who wear them on outdoor adventures or even the morning commuter. 

Sealand product makes use of materials that would otherwise be deemed as waste and creates value out of this waste. You can see this in the design of the new store, featuring materials like recycled plastic, terrazzo tiles, spinnaker material and cork.  

“There is no doubt that choosing a material that aligns with our ethos was an obvious choice,” explains co-owner, Jasper Eales. “If we as a sustainable brand can commit to making a significant impact from our product to our store design, we can assure you that our voice as educators in the sustainable space and waste experts does not only end in the gear we make. We commit to making conscious decisions in every process we execute.”

“The materials used in the Sealand Sandton store are carefully selected and speak directly to our brand story – rooted in sustainable processes, giving a sense of ‘coming from nature’ or ‘having a second life.’ All the elements chosen in the Store have a unified story, however, they perform individually as functional elements and reflect the true story of Sealand, explains co-owner Dean. ”You often hear brands and individuals saying they want to use recycled, second life or upcycled products in their store designs. But unfortunately never really knows how to follow through. The difference is, Sealand lives and breathes that ethos, it’s second nature and it has never been clearer than that of the Design and Development of Sealand Sandton. It’s not often that you get to design a retail environment incorporating these types of materials and that is what excited us the most. Every material was carefully curated and chosen to physically and visually represent what Sealand stands for not only in their products but in their store design and ultimately unifying the gap between product and store.”

Find the Sealand store at Shop U87 Sandton City.

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