Save food from the fridge

Changing the face of the kitchen a few steps at a time, Korean Jihyun Ryou challenges us to rethink food storage in a project incorporating both eco-friendly techniques and beautiful design.

Entitled ‘Shaping traditional oral knowledge – Save food from the fridge’, Ryou’s project looks to the past for inspiration with an eye to challenging the global approach to food preservation. By adopting his philosophy and design, he believes we could begin to tackle current problems such as the overuse of energy, and food wastage.

Ryou’s designs are inspired by the traditional oral knowledge of food, passed down over many years. Using this information, he has created minimalist designs with a modern feel that eliminate the need for a refrigerator, an appliance that is high on energy and (more often than not) low on character.

In line with the current rustic trend for slow food and sustainable produce, Ryou’s designs encourage less dependency on technology and more awareness of how to treat and appreciate food. Knowing that when combined with apples, potatoes sprout less quickly, for example, led the designer to create a storage space cleverly housing the two together. Or just as innovative, a wall mounted egg holder incorporating a glass for testing freshness – say goodbye to expiry dates.

Each of Ryou’s designs use simple and natural materials, such as maplewood treated with beeswax, glass and sand to create products that are as visually pleasing as they are reassuring to the eco-conscience in all of us.

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