Rising Star: Kristin Hulda

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Artist and designer Kristin Hulda’s work is a seamless blend of both disciplines, resulting in spaces and pieces that exude balance and harmony.

Specialising in crafting spaces that radiate serenity and balance, Kristin Hulda graduated
as an architectural designer in 2014. Her journey has led her through the industries of architecture, interior design, surface design, product design and landscaping – diverse experiences that have blended together to cultivate her integrated, holistic philosophy.

Rising Star: Kristin Hulda

Her work encompasses a spectrum of interactions, from artist collaborations to custom art commissions and interior design services. With her minimalist compositions, she navigates the fine line between subconscious art exploration and conscious design manifestation. The quest for equilibrium in her work reflects her belief in the transformative power of art and design to shape and influence a space and its inhabitants.

Here, she delves into her design philosophy, and shares the intricate pathways of her creative journey.

* Generally, I multitask across admin, design and research. Some days, I nurture conceptualisation. Other days, I’m out and about with clients or suppliers, or on site. A successful life involves daily personal prep work, to ensure my mindset is right. I take my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health into account, and focus on creating a balanced life to ensure I can consistently reach my optimal flow state as a creative, no matter the tasks at hand.

* A “well designed” room, building or product fits seamlessly into your life, adding value that you didn’t know you needed. It’s a holistic experience rather than one specific thing. “Well designed” can also mean different things in different places or stages of life. It’s a combination of form, function, proportion, colour and composition.

* I find inspiration through unexpected connections between seemingly unrelated things – and this can happen anywhere. To create the right frame of mind to encourage inspiration, I enjoy spending time in nature. Stripping back the layers of comfort clears my mind of unnecessary junk; I return to a simpler way of thinking and focus on gratitude.

* My Ndebele pattern is a favourite design because it so crisply captures our modern African aesthetic. The entire KH Collection of fabric and wallpaper designs reflects my life experiences, and is a must-see if you’re in love with harmony, meditation and calming hues. It’s my first range; I’m looking to expand on the collection with more designs in 2024.

* Decluttering or rearranging a space to encourage your healthiest habits is the easiest and quickest way to get your interiors to serve you better. Our spaces can increase our ability to achieve success in life – if we design them to ground, restore and inspire us.

* I spend precious hours in my bedroom. The last thing I see before falling asleep is an artwork by Rose-Marie Burger that I bought for my 30th birthday, and the first thing I see when I wake up is an artwork that I painted, and which inspired an entirely new outlook on my creative career. I’m curating my life by considering these moments across my entire home, and I make sure that they have a positive influence on my thoughts.

* I believe that our surroundings influence our wellbeing and can positively shape our life. My work is more than an outcome – through it, I ask you to look at yourself, and ask yourself sincere questions about what you want from your experience as a human being. Strive for better habits and beautiful experiences, not just a stylish space.

* I’m currently translating the Ndebele pattern into a wearable piece, and creating more feature walls for Motherland Coffee as they expand… and I might have just landed my first international interiors project! I can’t say more than that, except that I’m grateful for the support of all my collaborators. Wonderful things are in the pipeline.

* I try to stay informed without getting overwhelmed. There are so many styles, trends and updates across the globe, it’s impossible to keep on top of it all. I read what I find inspiring and thought-provoking rather than seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake. I’m on Instagram, and I filter specific newsletters to my inbox.

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