Reed Family Linen Available in SA

WORDS Celeste Jacobs

There’s nothing quite as luxe as seriously good bed linen – which is why the fact that Reed Family Linen is now available locally is such pleasing news.

Established in England in 1852, Reed Family Linen has a long-standing reputation for creating luxurious linen products. And, unusually these days, this family business – now a global brand – is still owned and managed by the descendants of the original founder, John Moorby Reed. Reed’s chief claim to fame is the remarkable quality of their sheeting fabrics. As the brand explains, a high quality fabric is measured not only in “thread count” or the number of threads used, but “by the number of intersections between the warp and we threads. Each intersection creates friction that holds the fabric together, so the more intersections, the more durable the fabric.” Reed Family Linen’s plain-weave cotton “has equal numbers of warp and we threads woven in each direction, producing the maximum number of intersections. The cloth is held together by each intersection and the friction created by each overlap. The more intersections and overlaps, the more pliable and durable the cloth.” So in addition to having luxuriously high thread counts, Reed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are also incredibly durable.

Reed Family Linen is now available at South African online store NetDécor. “We carry a range of designs from the current Reed Family Linen collection, available in a variety of colours and embroidery combinations, as well as a range specifically for the hospitality industry,” says Miranda Reeder, founder and owner of NetDécor. “This unique offering enables our local clients to source bedding from one of the world’s leading makers of fine linens.”