Connect with Colour


South Africa’s 5G and 4G mobile network operator rain have launched a powerful 5G smart router – the101 – which comes in a range of vibrant hues.

The wifi router has become one of the most important appliances in our homes, defining how we live and work. But, while everything else in our homes has evolved to offer a range of designs, routers have continued to look the same, with function always winning over form… until now.

Enter the101™ – the world’s best-dressed smart router. Thanks to a variety of colourful ‘skins’ the101™ looks good on any counter, shelf, window or wall. The first collection of 101 skins™, available in 10 colours and patterns, is inspired by South Africa’s vibrant culture. Each is made from a unique, modern material that’s easy to stick on and peel off. When you order rainOne, you pick a set of two free 101 skins™.

The collection of 101 skins

Powerful AX3600 wifi has been coupled with the advanced MediaTek T750 platform to provide broader coverage and increased speed for multiple users. 4×4 antennas, with expanded surface area, deliver superior 5G signal strength and quality.

the101™ 5G Router’s Smart Features:

  • Scan to Connect. Simply scan to join your 5G home wifi, without having to type in long, complicated passwords.
  • Direct Messaging. Get the latest rain info delivered directly to your router.
  • Built-in Speed Test. Just tap the touch screen display to run a speed test.
  • Signal Strength Indicator. Find the best position for your 5G smart router with the 5G signal strength indicator on your touch screen display.
  • Tap For Support. If you ever need help, just tap on your router to log a support call.

Only on rainOne:

the101™ 5G smart router is only available to new rainOne customers. And it’s free-to-use.

With rainOne you get unlimited 5G home wifi, plus free mobile every month for 2 phones and a free-to-use router. For only R595 a month. No contracts. You can order yours at