Post World Cup South Africa

The 2010 World Cup was undoubtedly of paramount importance to South Africa. We saw millions of Rands, time and energy injected into creating a successful, world class event. Our cities were upgraded on all fronts, from the redesign of public space, to the the introduction of new transport links and infrastructure. But many have questioned what happens in the aftermath of an event of such scale.

A new book, Reflections & Opportunities: Design, Cities and the World Cup follows this line of exploration. Published by Designing South Africa and edited by Zahira Asmal, the book questions the role the World Cup played in forging a greater South African society. Through various articles written by thought leaders in the design sector, it examines the ambitious projects that came with the World Cup, creating a constructive and critical dialogue on South Africa’s efforts and ingenuity.

Reflections & Opportunities: Design, Cities and the World Cup, which launches in South Africa on June 7, marks the half way point between South African and Brazil hosting the Soccer World Cup.

Zahira Asmal, who is the founder and managing director of Designing South Africa and Designing Brazil, heads-up two urban research projects focused on understanding and sharing the process and outcomes of mega-events. In particular, their impact on the cities that host them, and how this relates to urban identity, culture and design.

This is set to be an insightful and engaging read about one of South Africa’s greatest moments in recent history so make sure you get your hands on a copy!