Pop-up pub

A Cape Dutch-style wooden pop-up bar has been designed by Jan Douglas of Boukuns Architects for Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. The lean-to will be launched at the Arabella Wine Farm during the Wacky Wine Festival from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 June 2013.

Dubbed “The Gables” the nifty design is modular, making for easy installation, transport and storage. Made entirely from raw wood, it is visually both down-to-earth and the epitome of trendy. The gable itself is an iconic Dutch architectural element that has an intimate relationship with the Cape and its colonial history (read more about how designers are reviving Cape Dutch in design).

Recontextualised in the pliable impermanent landscape of contemporary culture, the Gable embodies Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s philosophy of modern-traditionalism and retro-progression in built form – as well as Jan’s own manifesto. Said Jan: “The concepts that are important in the making of Devil Peak’s beer, specifically a strong authenticity and a sense of place, are also central to the architecture of Boukuns – I think it’s a perfect fit.”

Said co-founder of Devil’s Peek Brewing Company Dan Badenhorst: “It was time to upgrade our mobile bar to something new and interesting. It had to be authentic and quirky while having a strong connection to Cape Town-the birthplace of our beers. The thought was to create a destination rather than just another bar. We are stoked with the final product. Much like our beer, it has been hand crafted with a lot of thought, attention to detail, and a strong sense of place.” 

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