Playing the field

WORDS Debbie Loots PHOTOS Jan Ras

The new Field Office in Woodstock – the third in Cape Town – promises to shine a new spotlight on the artistic talent in this diverse neighbourhood.

Just last week, amid threats of snow and rain on the mountain, the Pedersen + Lennard guys not only opened a third Field Office in Woodstock, they also unveiled its exciting new exhibition wall showcasing the artworks of this bustling suburb’s many talented artists.

Design duo Luke Pedersen and James Lennard’s latest in their series of coffee, co-working and design hubs is themed the Neighbourhood Edition. Although it’s a little smaller than the other two, we love that it picks up on that special Woodstock charm: it sits on a corner surrounded by the area’s enchanting Victorian cottages. We also think that its dedicated exhibition wall lends an added edge to the already great reputation established by their first two stores. Think good coffee, fab food and free wi-fi as well as a range of Pedersen + Lennard designer furniture. Now add art!

The current art exhibition features works by Lauren Fowler, Brett Murray, Paul Senyol, Nic Grobler, Paul Edmunds, Simon Berndt, Marsi van der Heuvel and others. So-called “chief whip” and curator Roberta Grantham will be negotiating with the artists to arrange new exhibitions and she says: “Much more community art collaborations are on the cards as well as a drive to eventually push things to a gallery level.”

The shop is all decked out in warm shades of gold, brass and natural leather, emanating a sense of homeliness, rather than the urban vibes given off by its two predecessors. “It’s a little more grown up,” says Luke. If you can tear your eyes away from all the art on the wall, check out the striking brass-plated shop counter. Two bulbous lights fixed on specially designed solid brass tubing extend from the wall to eye things out over the counter.

Providing stylish seating in one corner is a set of Pedersen + Lennard’s new Huguenot furniture range, made of oak timber and consisting of a table and chairs. Another brand new collection, so new it’s still nameless is also dotted around − a round wooden table top with three metal legs and mix-and-match round stools.  

A small range of the Pedersen + Lennard furniture and other products are also for sale.

Field Office, 34 Salisbury Street,