Plascon’s New Winter Colour Palette

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Plascon’s new winter colour palette features rich and decadent colour combinations entitled Vivid Evolution, made to evoke a sense of calm and change.

With stepping out of comfort zones in mind, the Plascon theme is designed to transform and uplift your space into something new, fresh and exciting. 

Within the range there is the neutral tone of the stylish Plascon Serious (EC 37), which is perfect for both interiors and exteriors that adapts well with a variety of surroundings. Plascon Timeless Classic (P4-D1-1) is a mid-lavender hue with a neutral undertone, which is encouraged to be used a an accent colouring or a calming feature wall. Plascon Urban Rock (B4-E1-2), is a darker shade of cyan representing tranquility and a tension-free existence. Lastly, Plascon French Kiss (R6-C1-1) is a hue focused on energy and passion.


“Elevate your room by painting your ceiling the same dark hue as your walls. The natural boundaries and edges of the rooms will be blurred thereby making the room appear larger and the ceiling higher,” explains Plascon’s Nozipho Kunene, who heads the Colour Advisory Service. “Bold colour schemes are a great backdrop for neutral furniture and can modernise the look-and-feel of the space. In high-traffic areas, darker hues are great for hiding all the little flaws – from dirty finger stains to irregularities on the walls.”

For free advice on how to use the Vivid Evolution palette, or any other colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email.

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