Picks of the Week

From a sweet kitchen utensil and adorable adoptable dog photos to a chubby-legged table and a smart wall organiser, here are the VISI team’s top picks this week.

1. Pinorama by Inga Sempé for Hay

Freelance content producer Michaela Stehr would love one of these smartly designed organising boards to keep her desk tidy.

Image credit: design-milk.com

2. Yolk Pig Egg Separator by PELEGDESIGN

“I love to bake, so this handy (and cute) egg separator is my ideal kitchen accessory,” says online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “Much better than using your hands or an old water bottle!”

Image credit: superbalist.com

3. Daast’s Big Foot Table

Special projects manager Cecilia du Plessis loves this innovative design – relating table legs to the natural form of tree trunks.

Image credit: dezeen.com

4. Photobooth Series of Adoptable Dogs by the Humane Society of Utah

“I think all animals deserve a happy and loving home, so these pictures just melt my heart,” says features editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: designboom.com

5. Le Creuset Glassware

Managing editor Lise Avis would love to sip on her favourite red in one of Le Creuset’s new glasses.

Image credit: Supplied

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