Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From Ardmore’s online auction and hand-tufted textile artworks to a cute bluetooth speaker and classic movies reinterpreted as book covers, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Ardmore’s Online Auction

South African ceramic art brand Ardmore is hosting an online auction featuring a selection of 12 handcrafted pieces, until 28 July 2020. View the online auction here or email auction@ardmoreceramics.co.za for more information.

Images courtesy of ardmoreceramics.co.za

2. Bongolethu Sandile Busuku’s Illustrations

Artist and illustrator Bongolethu Sandile Busuku is a visual creator based in Cape Town. His latest works, from a series called Goats, is inspired by South African television characters from popular TV shows that aired in the ’90s and early 2000s. Also featured below is an illustration from the iThemba series.

Image credit: @valela_arts on Instagram

3. Simone Saunders’ Hand-tufted Textiles

Alberta-based visual artist and actor Simone Saunders creates bright, bold textile pieces using rug hooking, tufting and weaving techniques to tell stories about social empowerment, upliftment and respect.

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Black artists are necessary. We lift our voices and sing. We bring pen to paper and write. We bring our tools to the matrix and create. @aliciakeys is a visionary and someone I look up to (I know I'm not alone!). The lyrics Alicia Keys wrote for "Perfect Way to Die" are haunting… piercingly poignant. Let's never stop fighting for justice and continue to lift one another up. 🎶 "Simple walk to the corner store Mama never thought she would be gettin' a call from the coroner Said her son's been gunned down, been gunned down "Can you come now?" Tears in her eyes, "Can you calm down? Please, ma'am, can you calm down?" But it rained fire in the city that day, they say A river of blood in the streets No love in the streets And then came silence in the city that day, they say Just another one gone And they tell her move on And she's stuck there, singing "Baby, don't you close your eyes 'Cause this could be our final time And you know I'm horrible at saying goodbye And I think of all you could have done At least you'll stay forever young I guess you picked the perfect way to die Oh, I guess you picked the perfect way to die" . . . New work🎹 "Keys". 2020. Hand-tufted textile. @simoneelizabethtextiles #aliciakeys #perfectwaytodie #thisgirlisonfire #blackwomanhood #blackgirlmagic #standup #enoughisenough #blackbodybeautiful #blacklivesareNECESSARY #blacklove #blacklivesmatter #aliciakeysfans #pandemicart #socialjusticeart #createeveryday #simoneelizabethtextiles #blackartists #simonesaunders #fibreartist #fibreart #textileartist #tufttheworld #textiledesign #tufted #punchneedle #BETAwards #paintingwiththreads @betawards

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Image credit: @simoneelizabethtextiles on Instagram

4. Matt Stevens’s Good Movies as Old Books Project

Artist and designer Matt Stevens takes popular movies and reimagines them as old-school book covers. He uses his favourite feature films as inspiration to interpret the underlying themes into designs.

Images via hellomattstevens.com

5. Divoom Macchiato Speakers

The compact Macchiato by Divoom is a portable Bluetooth speaker that features 6W audio power and DSP technology. It comes available in a range of colours (Matcha Green, Nocturne Black, Airy Blue and Royal Pink) and is available locally via ilovestuff.co.za.

Images via divoom.com