Picks of the Week

Picks of the Week

 From large monochrome murals and a majestic chandelier by local lighting design studio willowlamp to a book on Soviet underground stations and trendy wall shelves, these are the VISI team’s top Picks of the Week.

1. MonkeyBird’s Murals

The secret Bordeaux-based team that makes up MonkeyBird create giant murals in black and white. Their subject matter depicts mythological animals done in a cross-contour style with gold accents.

Image credit: MonkeyBird via thisiscolossal.com

2. New Chandelier From willowlamp

Adam Hoets, founder and designer of local lighting design studio willowlamp, draws on sacred geometry and nature when creating his intricate chandeliers. willowlamp’s latest lamp, the Crystal Mandala, is inspired by the brand’s original Mandala design.

Images courtesy of willowlamp

3. Cécile & Boyd Launch Candle

Interior design and creative direction studio Cécile & Boyd’s new hand-crafted scented candle features a beautiful frangipani fragrance and a long burn time. It is available to purchase online and at the brand’s Durban and Cape Town shops.

Images courtesy of cecileandboyds.com

4. Christopher Herwig’s Soviet Metro Stations

After documenting 15 cities in seven countries and taking over 15 000 photographs, photographer Christopher Herwig has now released a new book that showcases the astounding, diverse architecture of underground metro stations in the former U.S.S.R.

Image credit: Christopher Herwig

5. Etage by destroyers/builders

Linde Freya Tangelder of destroyers/builders created her Etage pieces by drawing inspiration from Danish architect Per Kirkby and the project “House V_H” by Belgian agency Dhoore Vanweert. The shelves are available in three different sizes and materials, including brass, aluminium, ash and oak.

Images courtesy of destroyersbuilders.com