Picks Of The Week

From freestanding ovens in pastel shades and a New York City tea shop to locally crafted furniture and Olympic medals made from recycled smartphones, these are VISI’s top picks of the week.

1. Louw Roets’ Pareto Table

The Pareto Table by local furniture designer Louw Roets is a simple, versatile design. Named after Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle (the idea that 80% of results is usually caused by 20% of the effort), the light-weight table can be used for dining or as a workspace.

Images via louwroets.co.za

2. Recycled Olympic Medals

All 5 000 medals for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, designed by Junichi Kawanishi, will be made from precious metals extracted from used smartphones and small electronic devices. The devices, which include 6.21 million smart phones, were donated by the public.

Images and video via olympic.org

3. Spiritea Tea Shop

Designed by New Practice Studio, this tranquil tea shop in New York City features a palette of light pink and blue, with a cylindrical-shaped bar as the focal point in the space. The gallery-like shop also features artworks and sculptures created by artists Kun Wei and Yafang Zhi.

Images courtesy of spiriteadrinks.com

4. Freestanding AGA Ovens

AGA’s Freestanding Ovens come in a range of cheerful pastel shades. The AGA Module comes with a slow cook oven, fan oven and grill, as well as a gas or electric hob. At only 60 cm wide, the AGA 60 is ideal for smaller spaces. It comes with two ovens and a hotplate.

Images courtesy of agaliving.co.za

5. Loop Lamp by MUT Design Studio for LZF

MUT Design Studio, namely Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, are behind the creation of the Loop Lamp for lighting design brand LZF. Made up of a single opaque LED lens, this table lamp is ideal for both concentrated and dispersed light.

Image credit: Daniela Trost, courtesy of MUT Design Studio