Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From a limited-edition Eames radio and a book featuring the most beautiful libraries from around the globe to a sculpture made of single-use plastic and a wearable notepad, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries by Massimo Listri

“I’m absolutely blown away by this incredible Taschen book, comprised of photographs of the most beautiful libraries in the world, taken by photographer Massimo Listri,” says Editor-in-Chief Sumien Brink. “My favourite is definitely the Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra in Mafra, Portugal, seen above.”

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Image credit: Massimo Listri / sothebys.com

2. Wearable Memo by kenma

“This silicon band was designed with the medical field in mind, inspired by nurses who often need to jot down notes on their hands,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “WEMO (Wearable Memo) is a wearable notepad, created by Japanese design studio kenma, that allows you to write things down while you’re on the go, and erase it later once you no longer need to remember it.”

Image credit: core77.com

3. Crystal Wagner’s Plastic Sculptures

“With the awareness of single-use plastic on the rise, I think artist Crystal Wagner’s striking plastic sculpture is a brilliant way to illustrate just how much waste there really is out there,” says Content Producer Michaela Stehr. “Although the piece is extremely beautiful, it is both saddening and worrying to think of how much waste we produce.”

Image credit: Crystal Wagner via designboom.com

4. Inga Atelier’s new Joburg Store

I’m very excited that Inga Gubeka of Inga Atelier recently opened a store at Hyde Park Corner in Joburg,” says Assistant Editor Tracy Greenwood. “A great spot to find luxurious, hand-crafted leather goods.”

Image credit: Inga Atelier

5. Limited-edition Eames Radio

“How stunning is this compact walnut Eames radio, recently launched by Swiss furniture company Vitra?” says Features Editor Amelia Brown. “Only 999 have been released, with five available locally at Design & Development LOGIK. ”

Image credit: Design & Development LOGIK.