Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From artworks by New York-based artist Tony Toscani to sparkly accessories by Yayoi Kusama and a colourful rug by Spanish brand nanimarquina, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Tony Toscani’s Artworks

“New York-based artist Tony Toscani’s thought-provoking paintings are jarring and reflective,” says Content Producer Mary Garner. “The muted colour tones and use of oversized limbs are cleverly employed to emphasize psychological weight.”

Image credit: tonytoscani on Instagram

2. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Collection

“Japanese art stalwart Yayoi Kusama of Kusama Studio teamed up with The Broad Museum in Los Angeles to create an incredible range of limited-edition starry accessories, in association with Phaidon and Artspace,” says Editor-in-Chief Sumien Brink. “Included in the range is a skateboard, a zip clutch bag and a candle.”

Image credit: artspace.com

3. Kala Rug

“You can now find the colourful Kala rug, a collaborative design between Spanish rug brand nanimarquina and Care & Fair in India, at local design store Créma,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “The hand-tufted rug depicts original drawings created by students at Care & Fair schools.”

Image credit: cremadesign.co.za

4. #ComboPhoto

“Art director Stephen McMennamy, the creative behind the Instagram account @combophoto, combines disparate objects to create surreal works of art,” says Managing Editor Samantha Charles. “I think they’re really fun!”

truck + skateboard This is probably the deepest I’ve gone into the #tbt #combophoto archives and definitely one of the earliest from this little art adventure. It’s something I’ve always wanted to re-shoot (all shot on an iPhone about three years ago). There’s some resolution, focus, composition, framing issues, but you get the drift. When I do get around to reshooting it, let’s all just parented that it’s new and exciting and we can just ignore this archival embarrassment. Also, I’d like to redistribute a little love to @tedharbourt who was kind enough to let my iPhone convert his pickup into pixels. And lastly, I’m not sure what the new Instagram algorithm will do to this post, but hopefully folks will get a chance to see it. ⚡♥⚡

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Image credit: combophoto on Instagram

5. Lexus’s LFA Art Car

“Lexus recently revealed the LFA Art Car, a uniquely painted model designed by Portuguese artist Pedro Henriques,” says Assistant Editor Tracy Greenwood. “I love the way this supercar, whose black-and-white design was inspired by fluidity in contemporary life, has been transformed.”

Image credit: toyota.co.za