Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From a concrete holiday home in Mexico to 3D artworks by Chris Labrooy and a plant-loving robot, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Holiday Home in Mexico

“This modernist concrete holiday house in Oaxaca, Mexico, designed by architect Ludwig Godefroy has become a tranquil retreat for its homeowners,” says Managing Editor Samantha Charles. “Emmanuel Picault is behind the design of the timeless furnishings, having created a spot perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation.”

Image credit: Rory Gardiner via dezeen.com

2. Artwork by Chris Labrooy

“Chris Labrooy is a Scottish 3D artist with a flair for CGI,” says Content Producer Mary Garner. “His colourful sculptural works combine the mediums of visual art, product design, architecture and typography. I especially love the work he creates using cars.”

Image credit: chrislabrooy.com

3. The Straw Giant & the Crow by Jess Bosworth Smith

“I love the charming children’s story The Straw Giant & The Crow written and illustrated by Cape Town-based fine artist (and an Illustrator We Love) Jess Bosworth Smith,” says Features Editor Amelia Brown. “It’s a tale of unlikely friendship in an unforgiving climate, and I want to frame every page!” You can buy a copy here. Jess shared what inspired her characters in the below video.”

Image credit: imagnaryhouse.com Video credit: Imagnary House – Kids Books on YouTube

4. Hexa the Plant-Loving Robot

“Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi has developed a six-legged robot for plants that moves towards the sun when needed and back into the shade once it’s had enough,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “Can I have two please?”

Image credit: Sun Tianqi via The Verge

5. New Book: Safari Style

Safari Style (Quivertree), written by Laurian Brown, with photography by Dook in collaboration with VISI Deputy Editor Annemarie Meintjes, is a showcase of African architecture and design, serving as the ultimate guide to lodges across the continent,” says Copy Editor Kay-Ann van Rooyen. “I’d love to escape to any of the destinations featured in this book. It’s available at Exclusive Books, Takealot and Loot.

Image credit: Dook, in collaboration with Annemarie Meintjes