Picks of the Week

From a cute adaptor and a multi-purpose mirror to an adorable elephant cutlery holder and a transformable coffee table, here are just a few of the VISI team’s top picks for this week.

1. Piggy Power Strip

“I would literally do almost anything to own one of design studio Art. Lebedev’s Svintus (Rozetkus-3) power strips,” says online editor (and pig fanatic) Lindi Brownell Meiring. “It has 17 snout-plugs and a spiral tail. Too much!”

Image credit: artlebedev.com

2. Mobelli Fermo Table

“I love this innovative Fermo table from the new Mobelli summer range,” says special projects manager Cecilia du Plessis. “What looks at first glance to be simply a coffee table can transform into a dining table in no time at all. Perfect for summer entertaining – when afternoon drinks unexpectedly turn into dinner!”

Image credit: mobelli.co.za

3. Oscar Diaz Volume Table Mirror

Editor-at-large Malibongwe Tyilo thinks this is the perfect mirror for the selfie era. “It’s easy to position in different ways and when you hold it up, it feels just like taking a selfie.” Oscar explains on his website: “Volume is a small table mirror which can be positioned at four different angles by changing its orientation. The geometry at the back of the mirror creates different inclination angles when placed on a flat surface.”

Image credit: dezeen.com

4. Peleg Design’s “Jumbo The Elephant” Cutlery Drainer

“This will be a welcome addition to my washing up routine,” says content producer Michaela Stehr.


Image credit: designboom.com

5. A Child’s Dream Elephant Auction

“I think these designer elephants (there are 21 of them!) are a superb way to raise money for a worthy cause,” explains editor-in-chief Sumien Brink.

Image credit: jumblebee.co.za

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