PICHULIK’s New FW22 Terra Therma Collection

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Michael Oliver Love | Justin Patrick Photography

Terra Therma by PICHULIK is inspired by the alchemising properties of fire and features statement pieces that explore the language of cycles; death, rebirth and resilience dressed in brass and hues of fynbos; landscapes baked by sun, scorched by flame.

Terra Therma explores fire as a concept, an element, an informing principle, a deity, a metaphor, an allegory, a creation story. It speaks of the paradox that is rebirth born of destruction; the reawakening of dormant forces and forgotten seeds beneath the soil. Translated as ‘Warm Earth’, Terra Therma features sculptural accessories that celebrate empowering feminine narratives – bold beginnings after chaotic ends.

The colour palette is tawny with mountain hues and moments of airforce and disa blue. Each piece is a talisman handcrafted from re-purposed rope and combined with cast-brass elements, precious stones and unexpected organic materials.

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The repetitive wrapping technique in the Sierra and Fiamma earrings and Gaia pendant invoke a rhythmic continuity, while the hematite stones of the Nova earrings flicker like the patina of metals when exposed to a flame. The lava stones in the Lurra and the Ember earrings are charred relics of a time in transition.

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