PICHULIK S1 2023: The OUSIA Collection

WORDS Cheri Morris PHOTOS Michael Oliver Love & Alix Rose Cowie & Justin Patrick

2023 Marks a decade of the Cape Town-based ethical jewellery and accessories atelier, PICHULIK, plus the launch of their S1 Collection, OUSIA. Expect their signature wearable minimalism of Earthen magic: a dance of raw rope, semi-precious stone, cast brass, cotton thread and organic shapes.

Through the philosophical and theological prism of ‘ousia’, an ancient term used to express the essence, true being of a thing, the new collection embraces the ancient language of ornamentation. The artisanal crafts are curious explorations of the natural, spiritual and creative worlds of the Capetonian locus.

pichulik ousia

Materials are stripped down to their most basic form. Earthy jasper stones in Dalmatian and red hues animate the Ousia earrings. The signature black and natural rope weave of the Sophia earrings and Belamour statement neckpiece echoes the natural pattern of the jasper. The Satya necklace is a dialogue of texture through polished brass, tiger’s eye and jasper stone.

The PICHULIK fish and crescent moon motifs are reimagined with stones in the Pisces and Luna Earrings that call in prosperity, good luck and rebirth. The sculptural Kaizen earrings in black rope, brass and clear rock glass are gently bold through their etherealism. The Sisu earrings feature PICHULIK ́s signature rope coiled and cast in brass to mimic the vernacular of a Basutu Hat and isiXhosa home.

In this chapter, the PICHULIK wearer has nothing to hide or defend. They are brave, curious, adorned and whole in distinctness.

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