Outdoor Cooking with Officine Gullo

Alfresco Cooking with Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo‘s customisable outdoor cooking solutions take your kitchen outside for the perfect open-air dining experience.

With the approach of summer and the holiday season, we’re all keen to spend more time outdoors, connecting with nature and enjoying leisure time with family and friends. Which is why we’re coveting Officine Gullo’s state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen solutions, which allows cooks to socialise away from the confines of four walls while whipping up a delectable open-air feast.

The Italian brand’s Outdoor Kitchen offers infinite customisable design solutions – which means you can position and create different cooking spaces: from a grilling station and pizza oven to outdoor refrigeration and washing up area.

Alfresco Cooking with Officine Gullo
Alfresco Cooking with Officine Gullo

The star of the Outdoor Kitchen is the professional grill cooking suite – it is an extension of the top-quality appliance brand’s household line into barbecue cookery, and enables you to add a piece of restaurant-quality equipment to your garden or outside space. The Italian brand is well known for its high-end selection of cooking ranges, and has used its years of practised craftsmanship and design experience to plan these statement units.

Extending your outdoor culinary capabilities far beyond the average kettle braai, the grill cooking suite provides a functioning kitchen in a single appliance. The accessories allow chefs up to 15 cooking methods, which range from smoking and grilling to steaming and frying. Leaving your outside entertainment area for the indoor kitchen has become unnecessary – after all, the suite also includes a pasta cooker, fry top, and wok, which can be inserted after removing the grill.

Available in a variety of standard colours, and completely customisable with RAL paint to fit specific decor needs, the stainless-steel grill area houses infrared burners that cook meat 50% faster than regular grills and barbecues, as well as a V-shaped trap to collect fat and juices for a full flavour experience.

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