One Room, Four Looks

PHOTOGRAPHS Micky Hoyle PRODUCTION Liezel Norval-Kruger 

The living room is the emotional hub of the home. Amp up its feel-good factor in one of these four gorgeous palettes. 

Look 1: Grey & Gold

An earthy grey sets an effortlessly elegant scene where rustic pieces meet opulent elements in crystal and gold. Prepare surfaces well and apply two coats of Plascon Cashmere Ageless (Y3-E2-2), allowing time to dry between coats. To create this delicately balanced look, start introducing contrasting accessories – from natural wooden furnishings to more glitzy pieces like a patterned mirror, bone-inlaid dresser or crystal chandelier. Finish with a tasteful scattering of gold accents.

Look 2: The Life Aquatic

It’s comfy seaside-chic. A tranquil azure world is accented with dip-dyed, hand-woven and hand-painted accessories in the shade of the season, denim blue. Bring the seaside indoors with Plascon Cashmere Blueprint (B6-C1-2). Then practise restraint. Cramming all manner of flotsam and jetsam into the space will create a cluttered, slightly tacky feel. So opt instead for one or two feature pieces complemented by demin-shaded accessories in various textures, and splashes of white to lighten the scheme.

Look 3: Paper & Ink

Black and white photography, typographical elements and bold vertical stripes balance perfectly in this contemporary living space. Create a blank canvas with Plascon Cashmere White (CAS1). Next, punch up the background with graphic pieces. Think liquorice-striped cushions and rugs, black-and-white photographs and large, clean-lined furnishings. Then add tactile interest with felt, linen and ceramics. Lastly, soften the hard, masculine edges with warm wooden elements that also anchor the look.

Look 4: Clockwork Orange

Energise the entertainment zone of your home with a bright, punchy orange that shows off quirky furnishings and ultra-modern extras. Apply two coats of Plascon Cashmere Tangerine Tango (O3-A1-1). Build on this feature wall with clean-lined accessories in smooth textures like steel and glass, and create extra interest with a few choice typographical elements. Remember, using white will create a clean, functional look, while shades of light and dark grey will ground the potentially overbearing orange.

This article was originally published in Plascon Spaces, Issue 7.

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