Omar Aqil’s 3D Recreations of Picasso Classics

WORDS Cheri Morris

Pakistan-based designer Omar Aqil has re-created six of Pablo Picasso’s paintings in 3D using Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Omar‘s creative rendering sees some of Picasso’s most renowned works, like Monument to the Spaniard and Seated Woman, reimagined through the use of modern multimedia graphics. The collection, titled Mimic, is a visual experiment that reflects Omar’s artistic interpretations of the 20th-century paintings and aims to offer an alternative narrative to the famed artist’s masterpieces.

Omar has used hyper-realistic visuals that boast depth, voluminous textures and whimsical interpretations to bring the flat figures to life, giving Picasso’s artworks a new implication. His fantastical and multi-layered creations highlights how people interpret various art pieces in different ways.

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